Take a look meticulously what inside before going on to a piecemeal adventure.

Take a bit time and open your mind... Wilson Ng takes us on the fantastic journey to a very special, almost surrealistic audio place...

"Are you ready ??? Must take you on a tour of one of the most fanciful or the most fanatically furnished musical den in this century. Like Rome was not built in a day, this den took over 12 years to build or update to this scenario. He is Do Trong Xuan or knick named The Crazy Man of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam."

When it comes to music reproduction he is no more crazy. More sane than all of us put together. The highs are not the least peaky and the level can go up and up without any sense of fatigue. The drum record shows no sign of boominess though the listening distance is only a few feet away. So much can be crammed into so small a room without adverse effect on music is not only a miracle but also an engineering achievement.

A violin. Many said one violin will do. See how many more is on the way.

A guitar, saxophone and cello...

A full band split into halves. One to the front right and another half, back left.

The ceiling is not only effective but the most laborious. Small light canvas fabric stitched together in a neat pattern as seen.

Wadia CD player and its power supply.

He has a metal factory for cutlery manufacture. Look at the metal cones all over made by him surrounding his tube amp.

The sunflower pattern rings are hardened foam put on all speaker elements. Guess as a controlled dispersion. Another small speaker.

JBL 4343 with the rings. Take a note of their placements. His speaker is swingable. He gently swing it as a demo. I looked for chains. May be because of his spring loaded cones. Genius.

A replica double bass in solid form ?

The turntable.

Other accessories with metal cones on top.

Duo with Catherine. Enlarge the pic to look what's on the floor.

More to look at. Purposely took it in all angles.

The back left. See what's there.

The king seat and what's at its back left.

A big comfortable King Seat. More to scrutinize.

The right back. See what are on the floor. You'll be surprise.

Do Trong Xuan, I admire and salute you, Sir.

Do Trong Xuan - You're my IDOL.

With my Hifi Godfather of Vietnam Tran Trung Kien.

His CD corner.

Downstairs at his cutlery shop with his mother and father at the back.

This is playable. It took me back to my childhood in Burma where I have heard It once. History repeats itself. Like a dream comes true. The horn is very decorative. The woodwork stylist and above all it wears HMV - "His Master's Voice" emblem.

The inside of it. With a dozen spare new needles. I guess Catherine wants to buy it as another vintage gift for me. Then I can share and play it.