The golden update and experience

Updated number eight from Harry O'Sullivan and Lucy Gastall of The Bespoke Audio Company. This time a golden one! Gold plated parts (Brass Cowls, SOURCE Switch Surround, badge and LEVEL Switch Surround) are finally ready and being installed into the main chassis.

Japanese engraving for the SOURCE surround and the logo badge look really great. I simply love the dedication and luxurious feel, but even more the efforts and step by step informing from The Bespoke Audio Company on each step of the production.

We’re often discussing, how end audio in general lacks a proper customer service and respect for the customers. The Bespoke Audio Company is one of the rare examples, where customer is treated like a king and this particular, inspiring experience mirrors the subtle mechanics of purchasing some of the most cherished, luxury bespoke products from other high-end industries.

I don’t have problem with high prices in high-end audio. What I don’t like and embrace is the attitude of quite few manufacturers toward our industry and (potential) customers. For prices being charged these days, there are simply no excuses, when it comes to proper communication, packaging, quality materials, flawless chassis, properly designed manuals etc.

There is a lesson to be learned from this short story. I do hope, that right people are taking the notes…

Matej Isak