The Modulum high-end audio Console

A high-performance audio module nested into an elegant high-design cabinet…


Audio modules are designed to be nested and perfectly integrated into our high design console. The module is spiked directly to the floor surface, and none of it’s parts or structure ever comes in contact with the console. This ensures that no vibration is transmitted to or from any of the sensitive audio components.

You get the convenience of a high-performance module that not only improves the sound of your audio system, but that has stunning looks as well.


The console is elegantly designed to ensure adequate ventilation around audio components.

The back of the audio section of the console is completely open to allow air circulation and to facilitate cabling management. A ventilated panel on the surface of the console can easily be removed for enhanced air circulation.

The front ventilated panels of the audio section are easily removable. They can be left on during listening sessions without interference. Like the rest of the console, they are made of 100% hardwood and the ventilation openings have been designed to be acoustically friendly. They can even be used as diffraction acoustic panels.


The Modulum console is fully modulable.
It is part of an integrated design collection from which you can pick other furniture items to complete your listening room or your living room.