“Spent the full day with the boys of one of the finest maker of audiophile cables in the world. We went thru auditioning the full range of cabling. From power cords and distributors, to ic and speaker cabling. It was an ear opening experience.”

"We started with using a mid price audio system and turning it into a million buck system by tuning and exchanging its cabling. The real McCoy was the system in the inner room. We played around with the DTC cabling range. They are jaw dropping good! And so is the price 😀.

If you ever think there is nothing to improve on to your system, you should try the Ansuz. And prepare to open your wallet.

Had a good talk with Michael, the brain child behind Ansuz and Aavik. I must admit I got lost when he got very technical. But I could feel the passion and devotion he had . And it is contagious.

Btw, both Michael and Lars were formally from Nordost. We also tried playing with the Aavik amplifiers. I had already the Aavik integrated U300 in our singapore showroom which I thought was one of the best amplifier I heard for a long time. And then these Danish showed me their Aavik pre and power combo. They are evil." - Desmond Poon