New Air Tight 300L 30th anniversary amplifier built around Takatsuki 300b tube…

A&M Limited was founded 30 years ago by Miura-san to develop and manufacture Air Tight tube amplification , which embrace the vast knowledge he and his chief designer have accummulated in over five decades of building elegant circuits. 

Their goal was to bring out the utmost musicality for each chosen tube .To celebrate their 30th anniversary, they have chosen the legendary 300b as their canvas. With a completely new circuit, select parts and customed transformers , the result is the gorgeus Air Tight 300L amplifier.

Built around the the Takatsuki 300b tube, the amp exudes the texture and presence that this tube is known for ...But now the amp combines pulsating power and command that belies its 9 watt power output would suggest. When partnered with an appropriately matched speaker- it pours forth sumptuous textures and a vast sence of depth and power seldom heard from this fabled tube... - Tone of Music Audio.