Desmond Poon from shares some interesting insights about the operations at Audio Note UK, accompanied with 25+ photo set… 

“Back at Brighton, the hometown of Audio Note UK. Always feel like home. We have been working with Audio Note since the mid 90s. The factory has certainly grown, they now have a lot more production people, a R&D department that do research on materials and parts and a more structured system of delivery.”

But something never change; delivery time is still 3 to 6 months. That's not just because of their increase in order book which is commendable in this economic climate, but more so their insistence to make all the parts in house. Every crucial parts are hand made.

That's dedication to the art form and that's why Audio Note is so well respected in the audio industry and among the audiophiles worldwide.

We sent our technician Eric for a 3 days attachment to the factory for training. It was an eye opener for him, seeing and understanding why and how components were made. He later commended that most of the staffs there were with electronics or mechanical engineering degrees. Wow.

Over dinner, Drago (a young R&D Engineer) talked about a recent research he was doing and one can really feel his excitement and enthusiasm. All for the advancement of audio. Looks like the future of the audio industry is glowing brighter.