Echo Diastasis P-79 phono preamplifier arrived at Mono & Stereo for test and review. I’ve managed to play few songs and first thing that stricken me was; wow this phono is quiet and energetic! Gain matches very nicely with The Bespoke Audio Ultimate Silver preamplifier, translating into balanced signal flow. 

Don’t hold me for the exact quoting yet, but first impressions points toward great musical flow, low noise, transparency and involving nature.

I like and love how both gain and input resistance is adjustable via two knobs on the front panel. No need to crumble over the back side or removing the top cover. And no dip switches!

Stay tuned…


Zero negative Feedback
Audiophile Dual-Mono Circuit Design
E-core transformer
Gold plated Connectors, Teflon insulated
Output impedance 20Ω
Input impedance 47,100,220,470 / 1 kOhms and 47 kOhms
Max output:>12 V (1kHz)
Gain (Selectable): MM 41dB, MC (high) 60dB, MC (low) 65dB
Inputs: 1 pair RCA (L%R)
Outputs: 1 pair RCA (L%R)
THD: MM: 0,009 / MC: 0,011%
Noise floor:
MM: -90dB (A weighted with 5mV input)
MC: -79dB (A weighted with 0,5mV input)
RIAA-equalization curve accuracy: <0 20hz-100khz="" db="" i="">
Dimensions (WxDxH)440x340x147 mm