As there was a lot of interest with Vitus Audio listening room renovation and this might be helpful for some of you, I’m sharing Ostap's (Mono & Stereo friend) new listening room construction progression with more detailed info. Ostap will share his updates in due time.  

“The Vitus Audio listening room construction has inspired me to send you some pictures related to my own listening room project. “

The construction details of my room differ somewhat from the approach taken by Vitus Audio. Unlike theirs my room will be based on the concept of decoupling the room first. The poured cement foundation walls have been lined with Blue SM for insulation as this is a basement room.

The framing for the walls is isolated from the structure of the house by using an isolation rubber barrier under the framing between it and the sub floor. 

The top of the framing is isolated from the house structure elements by another rubber isolation device. The framing is spaced off of the Blue SM insulation by a gap of 1/4''. None of the wall structures are connected to each other. Next I amusing a clip and metal rail system to isolate the drywall from the framing. Rockwool ( Safe'nSound brand ) is used in all the wall and ceilings cavities to damp and isolate the room even further. 

There will then be applied to the rail system two layers of 5/8" drywall with a layer of acoustical glue applied between the layers to eliminate the ringing nature of a single thickness of drywall. All drywall will have a gap of 1/8" between them and any boundaries. 

The ceiling will be isolated using the same rubber clips and rail system as the walls. All AC outlets will have a separate circuit for each plug for a total of eight(8)  dedicated AC circuits.The room willhave built-in bass traps. Diffuser material  will be used on side walls, and rear wall will have the ArtDiffusor Model D organic quadratic diffusor.

The decoupling materials have been sourced from AcoustiGuard  via their Toronto, Ontario, Canada distributor - Wilrep Ltd..I will be using their Iso-Sep PM as the under lay on the floor. Then I plan on using a high quality vinyl roll flooring on top of the underlay. Have included pics of the material - Sound Channel Acoustic Wall Fabric - that will be glued to the side walls for diffusion and the Art Diffusor Model D that I will be using on the rear wall. Those will be sourced through Acoustics First.com. Their site provides 2D and 3D plots showing the dispersion characteristics of all of their diffusion panels - the only company site I know of that does this. Worth checking out.”