Lampizator Golden Gate Balanced DAC by Lampizator uncrating at Von Schweikert Audio headquarters, some insights by Damon Von Schweikert and as bonus few of great photos...

"Months of planning are now coming together as we receive components for the system we’ll present at this year’s North American shows. The newest piece to arrive is this gorgeous Golden Gate Balanced DAC by Lampizator which is obviously part of our digital source to be paired with the Ref-3 music server by YFS. 

This unit has all the bells and whistles including the R2R Balanced Ladder Discreet Engine and DSD 512 upgrades. After hearing this unit while visiting the Philippines last year, Leif and I decided to go with the KR 5U4G Rectifier Tube and KR PX4 Music Tubes which really blew us away.

It’s currently on break-in but out of the crate, we were pleased to hear the same amazing performance we experienced previously. As for fit and finish, this unit is a looker! I especially love the solid copper chassis that’s clear coated in a lustrous finish; both beautiful and functional so no aging or patina will occur.

While it feels like an early Christmas here, we still have a few more components I look forward to sharing with you once they get here. Until then, please enjoy these pics!"