How much have digital audio transports improved over the decades?

I was cheering about the great analogue sounding DAC from Aries Cerat, the Kassandra 2 Signature Limited Edition, that impressed the audience at my audio den. I was taken a back after receiving a report from a famed audiophile whom have owned some truly expensive and serious landmark performance audio products.

Recently, a friend of his brought over an old Kenwood Reference CD player to compare with his residence Goldmund Reference CD/Blu Ray Transport. Both players were connected to the same Gryphon Kalliope DAC and both played red book CDs for comparison.

Both owners of these components and audiences were amazed with the outcome. The Goldmund Reference transport costing more than 20 times of the Kenwood Reference CD player of decades old could not even hold a single ground. 

The owners and audiences tried very hard to re-examine the outcome. Ultimately, the outcome was very much the same. It could be said that the old CD players with dedicated audio format laser lens and transport may be the winning tilting factor against the ultra expensive Goldmund that used multi media laser lens and transport...

So do not sell away your old Reference grade CD transport or player just yet. - Dato’ Danon Han