Wilson Ng extends his ultra high end voyage with a special visit to resort, wonderful place. I’m sure we all love to be on such inspiring quest. Here is the complete story...

Tran Trung Kien never allow me to idle a bit. Just pushing me around to visit as many of his hifi friends as possible. And sure enough I enjoyed everyone of them. 

Today, before he brought us to Nam Ngu Yen in Ho Chi Minh City he asked Catherine for her passport to buy 3 air tickets to fly to a mountain resort where there is a nice audio system. Then he asked me if I can extend my stay. My Godfather is such an enthusiastic hifi guide. How can I ever forget about him. Let's do it some other time, my friend. Thank you so much.

This is one of the best systems in the city. The music out of the speaker Gryhon Mojo S driven by its matching 300 watt Gryphon Steareo Amp is so relaxing, entertaining and engaging, I just kept on asking for more.

With Nam Ngu Yen in front of his beautiful decor and speaker.

With Tran Trung Kien and Catherine.

Enjoying music to our utmost satisfaction.

Esoteric CD comb and Gryphon Stereo amplifier.

See what a beauty and massive looking a speaker is the Gryphon Mojo S. Lucky to have heard it.

This is acoustic treatment to the highest degree by Flexam from Italy.

The ceiling is also tamed by absorbent material.

The speaker base (SEGUE) by Symposium.

See how Nam Ngu Yen has changed his speakers and acoustics. That's why I said Vietnam audiophiles are very serious in handling their gears and rooms. Bravo !!!