Six Audio managed to create what it seems the first, processor-less full Vivid Audio Giya 5 channel… 

“I have set up the world's first full Vivid Audio Giya 5 channel surround sound rig playing on 2700 watts of Class A/B amplification - no processor - and sourced from SACD via a Esoteric X-01 Super audio surround player. I nearly didn't go home tonight as I was engrossed in the sonic lovelyness. I have finally truly understood how good surround can be.” 

But it needs a big room and very accurate speakers to really make it work. I got all the speakers to less than 1db of each other - laser disance measured, and precisely set out to the centimeter. Front is Vivid Giya G1, Centre channel is Giya G2 and the rear surrounds are Giya G3. Frequency response is an easy 20 hz. The imaging quality is incredible - especially on show pieces like the 1812 overture and its canons with its explosive dynamics. Tomita's Clare de lune is actually 4 channel but his sounds rotate around my head exactly as they should do in a perfect orbit.

Pink Floyd's Time has clocks ticking and chiming all around. With the Giyas the image position is PIN sharp. Its a terrific and powerful experience and the speakers alone are worth over £100,000. Front amplifiers are Laurence Dickie's MPA 800 (watt) mono blocks and a AVM 500 watt per channel amp for the centre G2. Rear G3s run on a 300 watt per channel Coda. (No class D here). My back is still sore but its worth it. So - I will be keeping this system up and running for a little while - if you want to experience a top of the line surround system - do let me know and you are welcome to come along in West Sussex near Horsham. Drop me a line - Its such a shame SACD surround never really took off - its a fantastic format. (We have supplied surround systems before but not 100% Giya based)