The more our high-end audio systems and components are becoming sophisticated and our choices refined, the need of proper handling of the power became can no longer longer be ignored. 

There is no ideal electricity situation and as much as this subject pushed to be twisted factual reality always kicks in. I’ve travelled around the world and had a chance to experience some quite extreme and expensive systems. There were no exceptions when it came to the power. All of them, even the utmost high-end audio components were always depended on the very basic, but constitutional primary - the electricity. 

In past decade quite few companies tried to explore more daring solution and explored the stable power phenomena in many ways; with passive/active solutions, hybrid battery systems, virtual storage or even complete off the grid battery products. In my experiences, the problem with all of them was always the absence of raw power, that is a crucial for reviving the energy of live music. Yes, there were few benefits here and there, yet the “summa summarum” have sadly shown, how these alternate solutions still cannot compete with the power from the outlet or great power conditioner.


In a perfect world, high end system would be fed with DC directly from the generating stations. AC current is far from ideal, as it doesn’t provide a stable current and was developed solely for economical purposes. Therefore, all of the DC components needs to be converted from AC to DC. This presents another problem. AC current is more prone to the noise, that makes it more difficult to filter as the conversion from AC to DC will generate even more noise. 

But that’s only a start of so called bad news. Add to the the “bad” list home devices, wireless systems etc. All of them generate higher levels of noise that even further pollute and deteriorate the current.

With all the hubris in the way its clear… Clean current is mandatory! The biggest challenge like with any high end audio device represent a non compromising execution, that will preserve dynamic range and the available current.

There are many products on the market that quite effectivly cleanses the current, but while doing so it compresses the system energy by reducing its dynamic range.


With all above mentioned in mind, and after many years of R & D, Audiotricity entered the marketed with one clear goal - Clean power without compromises. In order to achieve this, they’ve approached filtering noise from different perspective and focused on other problems, that are too often overlooked, as they’re more complex to deal with, thus more expensive to address and execute.

This direction allowed Audiotricity team to go one step further then the competition and explore problems in their own way, like  for example with their propriety filtering, featuring on each power outlet.

In this way the noise contamination, that might occur between the different components is filtered adequately.

Each of these propriety filters were developed and divided according to the appliance in various stages. Audiotricity designed them in such way, that they could deal with different kinds of noise and frequencies while maintaining very low resistance values. 

They also provide linear filtering, which combined with carefully well thought chosen components, guarantee a perfect match, cancelling each other, thus avoiding any phase changes and other type of unwanted artefacts. All the filters feature components that avoid resonance and absorb vibrations.

Audiotricity’s unique filtering alone would ensured the place among top tiers, but they didn’t stopped there. They’ve felt how with filtering the current noise only one part of the equation was being solved.

As described before, AC current already comes with their own “baggage” and once it reached audiophile’s home its instantly evident how the power factor is far from perfect. Translating in into the earthly language - the energy is being “choked”. Not only with amount of available power, but also for with its immediate “on demand” availability.

Audiotricity’s power conditioners were designed to deal with this problem by correcting the current’s power factor. This is how they’ve managed to achieve better harmonic series, leading edge transients and prolonged imaging.
Next step, that Auditricity team have taken after addressing the current “phenomena” was the creation of the earth filter with a similar design to the current one, as earth is to often overlooked, despite being one of the main sources of noise. The filter design doesn’t only eliminate noise, it prevents any earth loop as well.


Audioricity didn’t want to cut any corners and they’ve implemented the best components.

With Chimera Signature the current enters trough a 32A, Neutrik Mains Power Connector and exits through Furutech gold plated pure copper outlets. Uninterrupt current transmission is guaranteed with an abnormally low resistance, only possible with pure copper and due to the proprietary architecture, that is not allowing contamination between the components, thus avoiding noise to be reintroduced in the system.

Along with all mentioned, the shortest path to the end of each component was taken. Audiotricity challenged the shortest current path in the industry (less than 1 inch between the last filter stage and the output power socket), that heavily reduces the losses in the current transmission and the chances of additional noise absorption are brought to minimum.


Few of the Audiotricity Chimera Signature power distributor technical highlights worthy of point out:
  • Chimera Signature uses 100% passive components - lossless by design (preserves the music quality of the original record)
  • Noise reduction is greater than 52db. This provide deep silence, better definition of each musical instrument and better music fluidity.
  • Path resistance is barely measurable (16 mΩ) and preserves all the instruments’ original timber, tone and color. System also  act effortlessly. 
  • As internal architecture was designed to handle 360A peak, this seriously improves current availability and therefore guarantees a deepest and widest soundstage and a fastest dynamics shifts even for the most power hungry components.
  • Non-magnetic, anti-vibration enclosure residing on the isolation spikes helps tightening the bass and project much more accurate high frequencies, that are essential for a avid instruments’ placement.

But, thats not all. The technology implementation extends much further. Chimera Signature implements PMAF II Passive Filter Technology, IAGDB Surge Protection (optional) and OCC Internal Wire. Propriety SIPD Architecture, adaptable Power Factor Correction and optional passive DC Filter Chimera Signature brings a complex design, that was designed from ground up with little if no reservation in mind. These contiutnes with quality parts selected like: costly Furutech FP-GOLD Low Current Analog Outlets, Furutech FP-GOLD Digital Outlets. Furutech FP-GOLD outlets are all separately isolated and all the internal connections consists of 11 AWG Conductors (Twin Mode), OCC conductors, Teflon isolated conductors and custom designed silver plated busbar.


The Yuri Honing Trio - Walking On The Moon

As simple as this recording might seem with the first play, there is more then meets the ears. Tons of subtlety, transients shifts and implosive energy bursts creates an energetic impact, that is not easy to reproduce. 

Rendition of this record usually calls for much more elaborated power handling and device, that can expertly deal with the energy flow. 

Any lack of energized potency is instantly evident across complete frequency range. When power is not distributed properly both high and lower frequency extensions are “chocked”. This is usually the failure of non properly designed power conditioner.

Audiotricity Chimera Signature power distributor kept the flow of musical energy in focus. Musicians were of believable scale and the majority of smallest nuances, that forms not only believable, but also realistic sense of space were present with enough density. 

Karate - The Fishtank 12 

The hidden treasure. This album might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it works great both as a music and reference testing track. In its simple complexity, this particular song - A New Jerusalem can reveal more about the complete system then sometimes multiple of songs or albums fail to. So, what is the secret sauce? It’s the way the music is recorded and mastered. The sheer energy, that A New Jerusalem can produce is enormous and hard to handle. It needs all the raw power to render the dynamic momentum of drums and guitars as well as ability to let through the lighting speed dynamic spikes. 

Chimera Signature was no shy in brining the needed magnitude of raw force, that is constitutional and needed to form the drum fills and guitar chords in a dramatical way. There’s no realism where system fails to deliver the drama. 

There are so many particular attributes needed to be of pin point existence for a exuberant foliage of reality and Chimera Signature managed to encapsulate needed power to project collective vision.

FIM - The All Star Percussion Ensemble 

Another gem on the vinyl medium. Percussion live music demands a multitude of acoustical points and cues in the combination with the dynamic focus points to render a grander illusion of musical event. 

Its possible to distil some sense of the space and atmosphere with entry level power conditioner in play. But… It really takes something as complete as Audiotricity Chimera Signature power distributor to revive the needed density, that can portray the music with power, that gravitate towards reality.  

With Chimera Signature this was obvious with any type of music, but when it comes to the live, acoustical recordings, the difference between properly served electricity and mediocre solutions become a night and day difference. 

Chimera Signature acted swiftly in dealing with the minute attack shift as well as brining the in depth look in to the atmosphere and related space. 

I’ve really liked what was happening on both micro and macro scale. Proper balance across complete frequency spectrum and harmonious extension of music through the different instruments represent a heavy league challenge. 

Chimera Signature fervently introduced the percussions momentum with a lifelike facsimile. Timbre, tone and color have always managed to resonate on the proper plane even under the “stress” of louder passages. 

Chimera Signature certainly leave a lasting impression with its impact and ability to keep the system of proportional balance even under the complex dynamic challenges.


There can be no over simplification when it comes to the test of any power conditioner. All the components are affected while testing a product like Audiotricity Chimera Signature power distributor. Its important to explore both system and sole component affects, but this pushes the testing phase to the much more extended interval.

I’ve done my homework with singling out the sole components and evaluate the impact. I’m more then sure, how most interesting is Chimera Signature’s ability to handle complete high-end audio system setup.

You would want to have a single power distributor handling the high end audio system. Actually its great if possible to start building high performance audio system around it.

There are many ways to approach the balanced audio system, but for sure adding potent power distributor should not be neglected along the path by any means. Even when and if one is satisfied with the some operating level the next step always awaits. Your power cables might have worked with your previous setup, but there is no ensuring factor how they’ll be a perfect match with the new power distributor addition. Yes, this calls for more time and experimentation and many of you that asked me about the me needing few completely different cable looms should decipher an instant answer.

There is no plug and play when it comes to the refined high-end audio system. The longer you’re around the more you understand how every little change introduced brings new set of rules needed to be re-examined and re-explored. 

Audiotricity Chimera Signature power distributor offers a great ground base, where complete high performance high end audio system can be built around it. I’m alway a bit sceptic when it comes to power distributors as many of them can literary kill the system energy potency and suck the very life out of the music.

Chimera Signature kept the energy flow embraced with a grander impact as well with the ability to keep the energy distributed synergistically across all the components while keeping the system balance intact.

If you’re in the search of the new power conditioner or if you were hesitating to introduce one into your system do give Audiotricity Chimera Signature power distributer a try. It can change your mind and bend the strict formulated mind of good. 

Audiotricity Chimera Signature power distributer is priced very daily for a device, that can bring heck a lot of unaltered power for the buck!

Matej Isak


3490 EUR



Max. Surge Current 30 000A @ 8/20μs


Hydraulic Electromagnetic Breaker Max. Voltage Isolation: 3 750V

Continuous Input Current (Limited by Wall Outlet)
Europe: 32A (16A)
US: 32A (20A) Asia: 32A (16A) UK: 32A (13A)
Continuous Internal Current: 48A
High Current Analog Outlets: 15A
Low Current Analog and Digital Outlets
Europe: 5A US: 10A Asia: 5A UK: 5A
Peak Instantaneous Current: >180A @ 6.83ms


Continuous Input Power (Limited by Wall Outlet)
Europe: 7,680W (3,840W) US: 4,000W (2,500W) Asia: 7,360W (3,680W) UK: 7,360W (2,990W)
Internal Continuous Power
Europe: 11,520W
US: 6,000W Asia: 11,040W UK: 11,040W
Continuous Output Power
High Current Analog Outlets
Europe: 3,600W US: 1,875W Asia: 3,450W UK: 2,990W
Low Current Analog and Digital Outlets Europe: 1,200W
US: 1,250 W Asia: 1,150W UK: 1,150W



Greater than 70db of Noise Reduction -72db @ 500Khz
-39db @ 1Mhz -34db @ 2Mhz


Resistance in Power Path: 16 m Ω


Aluminum Chassis
Anodized Aluminum Faceplates Vibration Dampening (internal) AC Outlet Vibration Dampening High-End Isolation Spikes


Width: 435mm (17.126 inches) Depth: 350mm (13.779 inches) Height: 120mm (4.724 inches) Weight: 9.6kg (21.164 lbs)


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1600-238 Lisboa

Tel: (+351) 916 236 200