A closer look at the unconventional and most beautiful Audiovector R 11 Arreté speakers scrapbook. See how Arreté was born from the first sketch...

Ole Klifoth - Partner, and head of engineering -  says about the creation of Audiovector's ultimate speaker, the R 11 Arreté: “It was a dream come true to concentrate more than 35 years of experience and build the R 11 Arreté without limitations to materials and costs. The guideline for the R 11 Arreté project was: Absolute Perfection. Zero Compromise”.

The Audiovector R 11 Arreté is very special and unconventional in the way it uses multiple rear firing bass drivers in a line source configuration. “In order to build a speaker with Audiovector aesthetics and to exploit the advantages of Audiovector’s ‘tear drop’ shape, we had to rewrite the rule book of speaker design."