Some in depth information about Deep Core power conditioner ($995) with adjustment pot, that optimizes the power delivery...

Doug Goldberg writes: "The Deep core is a multi-function power conditioner that re-defines the category. The deep core is designed to not only provide clean, spur free power but it also allows the user to optimize the power delivery interface via a user adjustment. The optimization of the power delivery interface can significantly affect sound quality as the prime power source is a major contributor to attributes such as the noise floor and dynamic range of the system. The deep core can be used with almost any system configuration providing optimized power for both source components and power amplifiers. The deep core has the following major attributes."

An Input circuit that features a unique DC snubber which stops any DC, constant or transient, imposed upon the power lines from passing through the deep core and into the system. DC can saturate the transformers of source components and cause voltage fluctuations.

After the DC snubber the deep core has a complex common mode filter designed to suppress any RF signals that may be riding on the power lines. This RF energy can raise the noise floor and affect the total dynamic range of the system. The EMI filter is implemented with high quality magnetics that will not saturate under high current conditions. 

After the common mode filter a second EMI/RFI filter is implemented that further cleanses the power of unwanted out of band products. This additional filter includes integrated surge suppression to insure that no high voltage transients, such as the voltage from a lightning strike, will pass through the system.

The last stage of the deep core contains the adjustable power delivery interface. This interface allows the user to optimize the power delivery to his or her system. This unique capability allows the power core performance to be optimized for each individual user case.

The deep core should be connected directly to the desired components as it is the “final” word in power conditioning. Its unique ability to not only fully cleanse AC power sources of both DC and RF noise but to also optimize the power delivery is unique among competing products.

Further - I can say that we like Deep Core IN FRONT OF the Equi=Core products. This is contrary to how I was using it in the beginning... this is MUCH BETTER IMHO...

Deep Core will be priced at $995 with early adopter pricing.