Estelon received Red-Dot ‘Product Design’ award 2017 for its recently introduced Model YB loudspeakers...

The elegance of Estelon Model YB speakers exemplifies ‘form follows function’ in every manner, being the key ideal of Founder & Chief Designer, Alfred Vassilkov’s philosophy. Alfred had been designing speakers for over 25 years for other companies before founding Estelon as a family business 6 years ago. He spent five years researching opportunities to achieve this ambition of making the world’s best speakers with the creation of Estelon. In his words, “All our speakers are about aesthetic and acoustic balance achieved by combining creativity and cutting-edge science. Each decision – from engineering techniques to the materials and components used in the manufacturing process – is made with the perfect harmony of the speakers as a whole in mind. For me, this synergy is what I as an engineer strive for in my creations and I feel honored that top experts, part of the Red Dot jury recognized our efforts by awarding Model YB ‘Red Dot Product Design 2017’. The entire team at Estelon is overwhelmed by this recognition.”

The asymmetrically designed pair of Model YBs comprise of a left and a right speaker, which almost seem to communicate with each other and have been widely appraised for creating a surreal listening experience of being at the concert itself like never before.

The cabinets are molded from a specially developed ‘Estelon’ composite material which allows for modeling the ‘perfect shape for flawless sound’. The shape is also key in ensuring accurate positioning of the state-of-the-art drivers used in the YBs. Thus, the mid-woofer is meticulously positioned above the beryllium tweeters to minimize sonic reflections from the floor, while the flowing contours of the cabinet make it wider at the bottom to stabilize the speaker and to provide sufficient volume for the aluminum cone bass driver. This aesthetic design enables home-owners to place YBs closer to sidewalls in smaller spaces eliminating any resonances since the woofers are angled towards each other.

Even the circle covers for the drivers are specially designed to be easily attached or removed and do not influence the sound, as they are made of a fine black fabric that is extremely thin and light, allowing sound to pass through seamlessly. Visually, the covers also add simplicity and minimalism, to match the speaker design, while covering the more technical appeal of the drivers.

To accentuate the beautiful curves and lines, the YBs are offered in a choice of white or black (gloss or matte) finishes. Estelon uses extremely durable and stable state-of-the-art paints and lacquers from the automotive industry to achieve perfect, mirror-like surfaces. Layer by layer, hand polished and sanded – the painting process of YBs takes up to 4 weeks to be completed, by highly experienced craftsmen.

Alfred’s signature design inspired through nature and a variety of genres of the arts puts yet another one of Estelon’s creations: the YBs among the best sounding speakers in the world today, while being a sculpturesque component of the interior: truly a “Sonic Piece of Art!”

The brand is keenly looking forward to the launch of another revolutionary new product with another breakthrough in innovation at the world’s best audio exhibition: High End Munich in May this year.