Interesting Jib Germany Hydrogen HF-009/25 power cord. It has an outer circumference of 26.0 mm and uses a multi-strand internal conductor structure each having a cross section of 3.862 mm², made using OFC® (Oxygen Free Copper) having a material purity of 99.99%. Insulation and outer sheath are made of chlorinated polyethylene CPE. The contact surfaces of the EU/US Schuko plugs (m) are 24k gold plated for absolute corrosion resistance and loss-free signal transmission.

Conductor Copper OFC (4N)
12AWG 128/0.196
Sheath 26.0±0.5 mm black CPE + Nylon
Connector SCHUKO EU/US Version (24k gold plated)
Housing Carbon Fibre
Length 1.0M | 1.5M | 2.0M | further on request

Price: 1.310,00 € /1m