And here is another high end audio Red Dot Award winner. This time from Germany. Mfe Technology Jericho tube high end audio amplifier is the result of profound specialist knowledge and a  five year development process. 

This tube power amplifier, with its extreme power reserve of ~1000 watt output power and its weight of approx. 55 kilograms, is certainly one of the largest and heaviest in its class. Only the finest materials, such as stainless steel, glass, anodized aluminium and carbon, are used in its production. The tubes are protected against breakage by a stylish carbon bridge and set the highest standards by virtue of their sound characteristics. The manufacturer mfe, a specialist in tube amplifiers, guarantees the highest level of precision in the construction of this product.

For music enthusiasts, jericho means a sound experience „par excellence“ - for aesthetes and design aficionados, the power amplifier is a “feast for the eyes”.

In conjunction with a high-quality loudspeaker system, Jericho guarantees the reproduction of music at the highest possible level. Jericho is available in a variety of colours, including black-silver, black-red, black-blue and black-gold.

Jericho – town in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories on the West Bank of the Jordan.

During the siege of the town, the (seven) trumpets of Jericho were used by the Israelite people to bring down the walls of the town.

The high-end amplier Jericho aims to work just like the trumpets of biblical tradition: The unique sound and the power of the basses will break down the walls around our hearts and open us up emotionally - for wonderful and extremely nuanced musical enjoyment.

In the “scripture“, the trumpets were said to have a magical sound which was terrifying in its volume. To- day, we can experience the perfect sound with a tube amplifier that commands the largest power reserves and corresponding dynamics.


best technics • best material • extraordinary noble design • significant haptic with finest surfaces
simply the best tonal characterics • highest dynamic and power-reserve
armed with 2 fine strongly glass high-end tubes • special manufactured high-voltage
high-power transformers • emv-adapted equipment-design • extreme lifespan by moderate output power


Anyone who appreciates the detail and subtle nuance of tube-amplified audio signals will be carried away by the pure and clear reproduction. From the quiet start to the perfectly crescendoing sequence of frequencies and sound waves: experience it when the unit reaches its power limit at an output of ~1000 watts.


The design implementation itself is a pleasure. Four dominant, valuable materials - stainless steel, glass, anodized aluminium and carbon - invite the eye to linger with their contrasting colour scheme.


From a quiet and soft start to voluminous detonation: Jericho makes the sound experience not only audible - but also tangible. The different material surfaces with their individual haptics are just demanding to be felt.

Behind all this

MICHAEL FRANKEN - discovered his love of music at the age of 5. His musical career began with the violin. But the technology held a great fascination for him as well, especially the inner life of tube radios. It was the youthful enthusiasm for rock music that eventually drew music and technology together. He started to play the guitar and soon built his first guitar ampli fier and a hi-fi system - of course, in tube technology.

After studying electrical engineering, he worked for several years as a development engineer - which included work in the  eld of electroacoustic. In 1992, in order to realize his high demands with re- gard to exclusive but affordable audio components, he founded “mfe - Michael Franken Electronic”. Characterized by his uncompromising quality requirements, his long-standing professional competence and his experience as a musician, he has since then developed pioneering audio components that stand out through their lively sound full of dynamism and harmony.

The product portfolio of mfe now encompasses an assortment that ranges from tube amplifiers and digital converters through the power supply to high-efficiency loudspeakers.


Imbued as a child with a love of electronics, Willy Reisen set himself on a professional path that would lead to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics. After completing several professional training courses, he studied industrial electronics and developed SF6 switch gears for high voltages and currents. The switch to light technology in 1986 led to him becoming self-employed in 1990 with the focus on object lighting, and from 1996 onwards, the first lighting products followed in high-quality white LED lighting technology. 

In Germany, he paved the way for a new lighting era and has since then en- joyed an excellent reputation in this niche market. Countless lighting objects from renowned architects throughout Europe provide a testament to his work as a product developer, designer and light- ing manufacturer. Many patents, utility models and registered designs, as well as several design awards, mark his progress and in 2015, Willy Reisen was appointed the first „publicly appointed and sworn expert for LED lighting technology“ by „IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein” (Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Middle Lower Rhine).

With his passion for music and growing up in the time of „Pink Floyd“ and „Deep Purple“, a tube amplifier has always belonged to the “non plus ultra“ for this ultimate music lover.