New ATM (Acoustic Technology MFG) EPM 1 Class A power amplifier designed by J. Alejos implements unique/patented heat dissipation system and aluminum monocoque chassis, that is optimized for best thermal and anti-vibrations operation. EPM 1 uses 300W toroidal transformer and a(Panasonic) 264.000uF capacitor bank for the power reserve. 

The amplifier is completely handcrafted with the best selected components, that are manually mounted/soldered at the printed circuit boards. Once the boards are finished, they are assembled in an anti-vibration aluminum chassis and all the parameters are finely adjusted for the operating temperature and highest performance.

Few highlights

Linear power supply with 300 W toroidal transformer  and CRC filtering.
Reduced current gain, that allows better performance with 8 and 16 Ohms speakers
Differential inputs with manually paired high-quality JFET transistors.
Negative feedback, less than 15dB.
Delay circuit and speakers protection.

EPM 1 can be upgraded with Toroidy 400W toroidal transformer Mundorf MLytic filtering capacitors, Furutech IEC mains connector, XLR Cardas connectors, WBT speaker connectors.

Technical Specifications

Measured at 230VAC with an 8 ohm load:
Input Impedance 240 Kohms (RCA input)
Damping Factor 20
Output power: 20W @ 0,1% THD 1KHz //25 watts @ 1% THD 1KHz
30 watts @ clipping
Gain 20 dB
Maximum output voltage +/- 21 volts
Maximum output current +/- 3 amps
Frequency response +/- 3 dB 6 Hz – 80 KHz
Power consumption 220 watts
3AG slow blow, 2 A (240 VAC)
Size: 430 x 400 x 90mm (wide, deep, high)
Weight: 25 Kg
Warranty: 3 years - parts and labor 

Retail price €4,495.00 w/VAT