Several years in development, the L20 represents a cost-no-object statement product that builds on the strengths of our award winning Seta Model L MC phono preamplifier by increasing the frequency bandwidth to 20 megahertz (20,000,000 Hz) – 1000 times the bandwidth of audible frequencies - while simultaneously and dramatically increasing the signal to noise ratio and reducing harmonic and intermodulation distortion to nearly unmeasurable levels. 

The Seta L20ʼs lower noise and ultra-low harmonic and intermodulation distortion and ultra wide signal bandwidth pays clear and discernible dividends by delivering breathtaking clarity, depth and accuracy from LPs.

The L20 is a ground breaking phono preamplifier in significant ways.

A dual-mono, direct coupled, fully balanced design, each channel has its own independent rechargeable battery power supply. Though the left and right channels share the chassis, they are galvanically isolated from each other and from the outside world. Chassis common is floating but can be tied to either or both channels. 

The equivalent input noise of the L20, measured with a 1 ohm source resistance, is an astonishingly low -134 dBu, despite the extreme signal bandwidth capability. 

The L20ʼs 24 volt power supply rails are able to swing 20 volts peak to peak into a 600 ohm load from DC to 100 kilohertz with negligible distortion. The L20 includes selectable voltage and current amplification modes as well as front panel adjustable gain and Mono summing mode, plus the Setaʼs unique cartridge balance trim control, accessible via the front panel. 

The L20 weighs 45 pounds and includes a 576 watt-hour internal rechargeable battery power supply. Battery recharging is automatically managed via proprietary Channel D circuitry, the same as used in the Model L and all other Channel D Seta preamplifiers. Pricing to be announced, but will be substantially higher than other preamplifiers in our product line. 

Shipping begins May 24. More details to follow soon.