Its been a while since I’ve posted something about the the Transparent Cable, so here are few of interesting insights of the Transparent Audio universe…

An inside look at how they create the beautiful OPUS PowerIsolator (OPI) bezels. After the meticulous machining process by Maine craftsmen, they are then polished extensively by another New England artist. The bezels are then locally plated to the beguiling black you see below before another detailed inspection. All these processes and inspections yield a beautiful piece. Pictured below on the left are the initial machined pieces before polishing.

Above on the right, the REFERENCE speaker cable network mods lined up for hand polishing and final quality control. 

Photo above shows one of the Transparent Cable listening facilities! “We have logged tens of thousands of hours in this room over the years ensuring that our products get you closest to the music.”

An if you didn’t know, each Wilson Audio Alexx loudspeaker is wired internally with Generation 5 OPUS, which sets the stage for a very unique musical experience.