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Over several years and several decades, Domenico Scarlatti composed a new sonata for his royal piano pupil practically each week. And so something gradually evolved that can justifiably be described as his life's work. But what does a life's work mean for us today? An immense number of sonatas, 555 in total. Their grandiose diversity and originality are only actually unlocked when, instead of consuming them en masse, you listen to just one a week. However you should then listen to this one sonata every day, just as Scarlatti originally intended. And in one fell swoop, your life is over! 

Can we really do them justice today? In view of this, mine and Christoph Ullrich's undertaking to stretch the production over 17 years seems appropriate. Besides this, at the same time, Christoph Ullrich is still working on other lifelong projects, such as his large-scale children's project “laterna musica” (formerly Earworm-Project). And so with our altered perception of time, we're battling to revive the past whilst remaining modern and curious in order to meet today's demands.

But the battle is worth it! What an adventure! Because who knows what'll come out of it after 17 years? What will the fingers and ears end up doing? Will there still be music at the end of it all? In all of his playfulness, craziness and childishness, in his cacophony of hand-crossing and sensuality, this cycle can also offer something very special compared to so many others: the realisation that doing more and more and doing it faster doesn't actually help. Composure in the face of the fact that our existence is finite.

So here are another two years of Christoph Ullrich's rigorous, beautiful and exhilarating work on Domenico Scarlatti. In some of the sonatas he is joined by guitarist Stefan Hladek. Volume 2 of 17, the longest of all: this time on 3 CDs instead of 2 , but still for the price of one.

Domenico Scarlatti

Complete piano sonatas vol. 2 
Sonatas K. 43 - K. 97

Christoph Ullrich, piano 
with Stefan Hladek, guitar (K. 81, K. 89, K. 90, K. 91)

3 CDs (total playing time 219'06) 
order no. 0237-0 
barcode 40 09850 023708