Ensemble Audio writes: “With a track record of monitors counting among the finest available and thereby looking back on a long production span of 20 years, it was a particular challenge to produce a true reference monitor for the 21st century.”

“The ONDIVA speakers are the result of an all-out design effort, bringing new ideas and a careful evaluation of every single parameter together. Part of this comprehensive design approach was to include the stands, still largely und unjustly treated as a kind of afterthought. The ONDIVA ARC stands thus equally reflect both innovation and Ensemble’s accumulated knowledge on the properties and effects of complex materials with regard to resonance damping and vibration control, just as applied in the construction of the ONDIVA speaker cabinets."

Apart from their sculpted shape most striking of all is that the ONDIVAs behave like a natural music source, leaving behind all those countless speaker designs that presuppose a precise optimal listening position. With the ONDIVAs playing you can walk around in a room without ever losing the three-dimensional information. Listening to music becomes a sensation comparable to listening to musicians in real life.”

This extraordinary quality is made possible by another, very striking feature of the ONDIVAs: they play like big speakers , especially in terms of controlled bass extension, yet excel in razor-sharp rendition of transients and pinpoint 3D imaging, characteristic of the very best mini monitors. They handle every genre of music with the same natural ease, whether large-scale or intimate, ‘raw-bone’ or delicate, at loud or late night listening level.

Highly articulate, musically coherent, with an uncanny sense of timing and rhythm, and fast dynamics, they have all the qualities to make them sound so effortlessly natural.

And best of all : the ONDIVAs are equally at ease in a room of 60 m ² ( 600 – 700 sq. feet ) as in a small room. Listening to them up-front they become true monitors, imparting precise information of mike placement, etc. And positioning them is not hyper-critical.
Elegant, light-footed in aspect yet very stable, sculpture-like the ONDIVA speakers with ONDIVA ARC stands are distinctly different, they have the power to transform a living room into a living acoustic space, making listening to music a new, engulfing kind of experience. They take their name from French o n d e ‘wave’ and diva ‘highly distinguished female singer’.

  • reference monitor ( 102 cm height on ONDIVA ARC stand )
  • time-aligned, rear-ported , dynamic 2-way system
  • wave-dynamic cabinet, made of 7 different materials ( reg. design )
  • 18 cm custom-made woofer, coated sandwich diaphragm
  • 28 mm custom-made tweeter, coated textile dome
  • Ensemble-specific crossover elements, Ensemble wiring
  • very low harmonic distortion
  • Ensemble SYNERGIA 4-way binding posts, gold-plated copper
  • 38 Hz – 25 kHz
  • plays like a large speaker, with excellent, fast bass response
  • breathtaking dynamics, uncanny sense of timing and rhythm
  • precise 3D imaging, ‘in concert’ projection, or up-front monitoring
  • listener position and speaker positioning uncritical
  • acoustically transparent, non-resonant grille cover
  • high-gloss polished lacquer finish: metallic grey, black
  • – other colours on special request
  • true gold coated woofer diaphragm model available