On the list, not to miss. One of the interesting systems at Hi-Fi Deluxe 2017 Munich…

The system we will be using will be as follows:

Döhmann Helix 1 (turntable)
S.A.T (tonearm)
Lyra Etna SL (cartridge)
Nagra HD DAC
Nagra CD transport
Playback Designs Syrah (music server)
Zanden 1200 MkIII (phono preamplifier)
Zanden 3000 MkII (line preamplifier)
Zanden 9600 (monoblock power amplifiers)
Kroma Audio Carmen (loudspeakers)

All this equipment will be powered by the Vibex Mónico, my latest and greatest power filter block design, Vibex V3 power cables and my own rack designs!

P.S. There is a courtesy bus from the M.O.C. to the Marriott hotel, where the show takes place.