It seems we have another contender in the upper echelon amplifier category: the HOLTON EX NIHILO monoblocks.  

EX NIHILO, the true direct coupled power amplifier with no capacitors anywhere in the signal path rated 900 W into 2 Ohm continuously, were used for the presentation of the SoulSonic Hologramm-X speakers and performed their job not only flawlessly but with the greatest positive, sonic impact.

Visually distinct, they give a highly elegant impression and the polished transformer enclosure suggest massive power reservoirs which indeed provided effortless dynamics during the presentation. 

Together with the Totaldac d1-six, The Bespoke Audio Ultimate Silver wound TVC preamp and some Tellurium Q cabling, the sonic presentation was beyond typical norms.

The Bespoke-Holton combination produced a massive soundstage with ​an ​uttermost holographic presentation of instruments and voices.


The fully-shielded and encapsulated 2.5kVA toroidal transformer is placed on its own proprietary double-isolated mezzanine mounting system that cancels all acoustic noise or vibrations.


The massive transformer feeds two high-current bridge rectifiers that in turn feed dual banks of low-ESR filter capacitors with a total capacitance of 225,000μF that provides power for the output stage, which comprises twelve 250-watt rated dual-die lateral MOSFETs. A sophisticated DC servo network is used to maintain DC offset at zero.