HuglichAudio writes: Regardless of the type of music played through, the Astor driver’s integration reveals new layers of detail and subtlety that makes the reproduction of music sound as much like the real thing.

The clarity and speed of transients experience in live music, and the ability to accurately reproduce the structure and propagation of overtones that reveal the distinct character of a voice or instrument is all precisely reproduce by the Astor loudspeaker.

There are musical experiences so epic that they come to count themselves among the most special moments of your life.  You can feel the music as if you were sitting in the front row of a concert hall almost touching the interpreters. The Astor's can make this happen every day for you in the comfort of your own home, enjoying your best glass of wine or maybe savoring a good Cuban cigar. Their clarity and accuracy will recreate moments of intimacy and seductive communication between the performers and yourself so palpable that you will relax and open your senses to an amazing audiophile experience.

Our obsession

Each model had been extensively measured to successfully reach an optimum integration between drivers, cabinet, and crossover design. Even though measurements give us an idea of the tonal balance of a system, it has to be later fine tuned by ear.

The level of transparency, the ability to resolve micro-details, the speed of the bass, etc., cannot be derived from measurements, and that is why our loudspeakers have been thoroughly auditioned to achieve an optimum balance and a sense of  listening ease.

Our quality

The crossovers have been carefully conceived with a combination of Jantzen and Mundorf audiophile components in order to guarantee a consistent sound reproduction.

Every Hulgich Audio model is manufactured from only first grade MDF and using natural wood veneers, and precisely cross-bracing to reduce unwanted cabinet resonances.

The internal wiring in all our models is done using silver plated copper wire and hi-end binding post connectors are used to assure a solid and stable connection to  the audio equipment.