This is the device, that is interesting even beyond the audio, off the grid application…

The SEG, originally known as the Searl Effect Generator, is a small portable device, approx 1 meter in diameter, which generates 15 kWh you can use to power any device which runs on AC or DC voltage. It requires no other source of fuel other than free-floating electrons, which exist everywhere in nature, it is modular in design allowing you to stack units together and contains magnetically suspended bearings which produce no friction allowing it to essentially last forever. It can power anything from vehicles, homes, businesses, urban or remote. Connect enough together and you could even power an entire city!

Introducing a revolutionary generator technology for harnessing unlimited natural ambient energy, the Spatial Effect Generator (SEG), the most advanced energy solution in the world today. No wood, no coal, no gas, no radiation, no wear, no heating, no noise, no problem.