All new 432 EVO MASTER will be announced and premiered at Munich High End Audio Show 2017 with new “deblur” algorithm…

- new deblur algorithm, works with all your current files to unleash the master quality hidden in your existing collection
- ultimate two box streaming & music server solution
- custom power supply with 3 linear supplies
- independent transformers for all outputs, no shared transformers!
- custom modifications to PSU modules in cooperation with Sbooster 
- custom CNC backpanel for power supply, cabling backwards compatible with current 432 EVO models
- new: dedicated power supply for master clock (one of the 3 supplies in the lower box)
- software jitter tuning & custom chipset + kernel tuning
- 432 Hz post-processing and/or upsampling, or bit perfect output choices
- quad core design with dedicated cpu cores for roon, linux and audio
- can run Roon and Logitech Media Server as server backends
- 2TB storage includes on new spring suspension MK II
- 4 TB and more possible
- VPN supported
- only one power cord needed
- includes several DC power tweaks
- 432 EVO AEON customers will be able to upgrade to 432 EVO MASTER