Aries Cerat will introduce their new Talos Limited Edition phono preamplifier at the Munich High End Audio Show 2017 (Halle 3 room N10/P13). This ultimate, 130kg, two chassis, cost no object phono preamp implements true proprietary differential tube stage and Aries Creat’s unique inverted triode stage. 

Some information

Two chassis design, 130kg total
53cm X 53cm X 16 each

1. True proprietary differential tube stage. This stage can handle the cartridge signal as differential signal even if RCA cables is used.

2. RIAA stage, is using a small SET transformer coupled stage ,to drive a constant impedance LRC network.The LCR module is designed and build in house( hi-u cores for chokes, teflon capacitors) and each individual part value is adjusted on the fly, in house, to achieve a RIAA curve accuracy 5-10 times higher than other LRC modules.

3. Output stage is our unique Inverted Triode stage, that is showcased in our Impera II series of preamplifiers. The Inverted Triode is driven by it's own driver circuits and is loaded with a special very high bandwidth output transformer.

4. Separate tube rectification for all stages. Only passive filtration for all circuits, no active filtration(active filters means feedback nests). Multiple series of filters for complete broadband noise elimination.

5. All three stages are transformer coupled. Our proprietary AC link connectivity method is used between stages. Zero feedback

6. All eight E280F super tubes plus inverted triode, can be individually biased to fine tune the phono stage's performance.

7. All eight E280F super tubes sit on specially designed and build silicon-gel containing sockets to eliminate tube microphonics.

Gain: 64db (active stage) +12db optional SUT (76db total)

Noise floor:-85db non weighted -95db A