And another world premiere… Cessaro GmbH, (brand name, Cessaro Horn Acoustics) right in the middle of Germany is proud to present their products at the HIGH END in München 2017. The show goes from 19th of may to 21st. You will find Cessaro GmbH at Atrium 4 / 1st floor, room F117 and inside the WOD-Audio room E 109 Atrium 4 /1st. floor.

Worldwide first time at demonstration, the Cessaro C1-„total solution“ (demo at WOD-Audio, Atrium 4 / 1st floor room E109).

The C1 isn‘t just a speaker. It‘s a total solution for audio lovers including an active tower speaker with real piano finish lacer combined with separate DAC-Preamp.

This Preamp consists of a multiway DSP crossover ready to use with up to 192Khz/24Bit signals (optional streaming with DSD and DXD).

The customer receives all cables necessary, a speaker with 5 amps each channel plus a DAC-Preamp. The only thing that is left to run the system is the digital or analog source. Build in top notch production quality and its ready to run with just a  nger touch.

A symbiosis between technology and simplicity. The thought of such a total soultion which is easy to use for people all ages, stands for a exclusive and stylish look with high technology.

The Cessaro C1 builds a connection between younger and older generations to enjoy music at their home.

Scalable through our modular concept – Die Cessaro C1-0.5

For space limited rooms we can offer our Cessaro C1-0.5 which is more or less the same system, as the C1 but in a smaller scale as a perfect solution

Choose your way:

1. Go for the C1 and receive the full package.
2. Go for the C1-0.5 and upgrade at any time without loosing anything from your investment.