Along with all new Marten Coltrane Tenor 2 speakers, Jörgen Olofsson will also present new Jorma Design cables.

Jorma Design writes: “Of course, any music is best experienced on a system that uses the very highest quality cables. So high-end audio enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Marten will also be showcasing three new cables from its Jorma Design brand: Statement Interconnect, Phono and USB Reference.”

Statement Interconnect is launching after a long search for a conductor worthy of Jorma’s high standards. Phono is the first phono cable in Jorma’s line-up – connecting a vinyl player’s tonearm to the amp. And the USB Reference connects a computer or other digital source to a DAC. All three cables use the highest quality materials and latest technology.

Marten will be in room F214 at Munich High End, with demos at 1100 and 1500 every day featuring unique recordings on systems that bring new meaning to the phrase ‘high fidelity’. It promises to be quite a show.


Jorma Design was founded in 2002 on a simple principle – to make cables that play the recording without adding or subtracting anything from the original signal.

In 2016, Marten took over Jorma Design. With Leif Olofsson as chief designer, the company continues to be a leader in high-end cables.

Every cable is a carefully chosen combination of design and structure, using the best materials in the world.