Magnum Dynalab is pleased to announce the exciting DYNAMYTE series of diminutive components. These stylish, modern components are compact without sacrificing the quality of sound expected from our products. We introduce our TRACC audio section from our 109T, MD108T and 809 into our pre/headphone amp, Music Audio Streamer and DAC/HD USB. All units feature a high definition 5” TFT LCD touchscreen display. The Dynamyte Music Engine and the Music Audio Streamer are the most up to date HD Streamers available. Pre-loaded for Roon, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer Streaming software and loaded with VTuner for Internet radio and podcasts. Fully controllable with IOS, Android phones and tablets with digital volume, dual wifi, multi zone control and album artwork. They play any music format and will glean music from multiple storage devices or cloud storage.

Featured in the series are the Pre/headphone amp, Music Engine, Music Audio Streamer, HD USB DAC, Analog tuner And DAB + tuners. A 50watt per channel power amp and phono pre will be later additions!