Swiss loudspeaker manufacturer Stenheim is proud to present a new, passive version of their world renowned REFERENCE ULTIME flagship design. Built entirely in Switzerland, the REFERENCE ULTIME Passive embodies the same external low-frequency crossover configuration as the original active model, but by adopting a passive network, it halves the amplification requirement and significantly lowers the cost of owning this true reference loudspeaker system.

Building on the established cabinet and driver technology developed for the active version, the REFERENCE ULTIME Passive shares the same precision machined, critically damped aluminium cabinet, with its six, separate, sealed chambers, D’Appolito driver array and rear facing, bi-polar radiating bass-units. It also shares the massive MTM sub-baffle, complete with optional motorized toe-in adjustment, allowing precise adjustment of the toe-in axis for the midrange and high-frequency units, despite the 240kg/530lb mass of each speaker.

Swiss precision and aesthetic sensibilities pervade the clean and elegant lines of the aluminum cabinet, but that refinement and conceptual simplicity extends to the drive units as well. Rather than opting for exotic materials and « buzz-word » technologies, Stenheim has chosen to rely on established materials, highly evolved and coupled to powerful motor systems : proprietary multi-layer cones are paired with textile surrounds, a specially coated silk dome tweeter and a ribbon UHF unit, ultimate expressions of traditional driver technologies.

Some manufacturers push materials technology : some the emotional response to the music. At Stenheim we believe in both : drivers that speak, cabinets that don’t. The result is speaker systems that put music first – because their design allows them to. The ULTIME REFERENCE Passive delivers reference performance at a lower unit and significantly lower system cost.

You’ll rediscover immersive listening : you’ll reconnect with your music. At the same time, you’ll be taking the first step to the full ULTIME REFERENCE Active with a simple exchange of the external crossover. 

Forget technology – experience the performance.

Discover REFERENCE ULTIME Passive at the MOC, Atrium 4.1 / E106