New Transparent Cable REFERENCE PowerIsolator preliminary info and pricing ...

Noise impacts every high  delity audio system. Combat noise and unlock the potential of your system with Transparent PowerIsolator Technology. A cumulative twenty-three years of development produced the benchmark Transparent OPUS PowerIsolator. Now the achieve- ments of the OPUS standard are available in a more a ordable form at the reference level.

REFERENCE PowerIsolator is the key to unlocking the full performance capability of high-end audio and video components. 8 outlets over 4 isolated banks deliver clean, unrestricted in-phase power signals to any combination of audio and video components, including high current ampli ers.

▪ Effective AC noise filtering with power factor correction for superior tonal fidelity and more realizable, in-phase power
▪ Integrated Network Source Protection, hydraulic-magnetic circuit protection, and avalanche diode failsafe surge protection
▪ Hybrid aluminum and thermoformed polymer enclosure is inherently resistant to vibrations and electromagnetic field restrictions
▪ Internal cross braces and proprietary epoxy loading damps resonance and vibration

Preliminary pricing: includes 2m input REFERENCE Power Cord MSRP - $5,995 USD