And another Munich High End Audio Show 2017 exclusive premiere. Tune Audio is introduction The Avaton full horn loaded loudspeakers….

AVATON (άβατον, ancient Greek, a place that entrance is allowed only for believers)

Three way, all passive, fully horn loaded loudspeaker. 
Drivers: 18” woofer, 5” custom developed and made driver, 1” compression driver. 
Sensitivity: 105db 
Nominal impedance: 8ohms 

AVATON is the realisation of a five year development project aiming to deliver a no compromise horn loudspeaker for large listening rooms. Long worked the design to create a layout pleasing both the ear and the eye. 

Avaton features our unique virtual mouth technology for bass horn loading, which delivers a flat response down to 32Hz. The bass driver is a super linear 18 inch drive unit, weighing in at a massive 27KGs. Mid-bass, the horn has a mouth of 10.000cm2, featuring triple layered construction with damping materials between and finally the throat and beginning of the horn are coated with epoxy/CNT compound for high rigidity. High-horn, further development of the cast compound used in our ANIMA model is utilised and the horn is mounted to an upgraded compression drive unit. 1st order X-over for all 3 ways, internal cabling with waxed cotton insulated pure copper, graphite coating support feet and many more. 

As all our models, we offer custom selected colour or natural wood veneer in virtually any choice and combination.

AVATON will debut at Munich HiEnd show @ atrium 4.2 room E215