Verity Audio introduces 3 new products at High End 2017.
  1. 1-  Otello: Verity Audio is pleased to announce the official introduction of its new "Otello" loudspeaker. Production of this new product will start right after the show. This new loudspeaker is based on the now discontinued Leonore. The new Otello improves on the Leonore in many aspects. The principal improvements are the followings: 
    • -  New redesigned woofer drivers for a smoother bass response;
    • -  Redesigned crossover network for a more balanced midrange reproduction;
    • -  A new redesigned front baffle for a better time mid/tweeter alignment;
    • -  It also retain the high sensitivity (93 dB 1w/1m) that the Leonore was offering.
    • -  The new Otello is available right now and currently shipping.
  2. 2-  Pre-2: Along with our new Amp-60 amplifier and Pro-6 digital preamp / DAC / Crossover, the Pre-2 mark the entry of Verity Audio in the market of ultra-high-end electronics. The Pre-2 is the direct heir of Verity Pro-6 digital preamp / DAC / crossover designed specifically for Verity's Monsalvat flagship loudspeaker system. The Pre-2 main characteristics are:
    • -  Fully digital preamp / DAC;
    • -  All analog inputs are converted to hi-resolution digital signal (32 bits 384 kHz);
    • -  It includes 2 analog inputs (1 unbalanced and 1 balanced) and 5 digital inputs including 1
      USB input;
    • -  The Pre-2 signal to noise ratio is way lower any analog preamplifier and its bandwidth
      extends to 192 kHz. It surely is one of the, if not the quietest preamp available today;
    • -  The new Pre-2 is available right now and currently shipping.
  3. 3-  Amp-60: The new Verity Audio Amp-60 is also a quite unique power amplifier. Nowadays, we see a lot of very powerful amplifier on the market. According to our experience, even though high power seems impressive, often the sonic results in lifeless. When Verity Audio decided to design a power amplifier we were looking for a very dynamic amplifier with a very "organic" sound, allowing our already sensitive loudspeaker systems to express themselves without any restriction. Working on it we quickly realized that power is not the only thing. The quality of the design along with the power supply and the overall amplifier gain are extremely important aspect that are too often neglected. The new Verity Amp-60 represent a new approach in amplifier design, one listening more than clearly shows it virtues with an unusual lifelike and organic type sound. The Amp-60 is available right now and currently shipping.
You are welcome to come and experiment these new Verity products at High End 2017 at Munich MOC in Atrium 4 room F122. Looking forward to meet you there and to give any explanations that you need if required. 

Best regards,

Matej Isak
CEO, Editor-in-Chief - Founder, Audio Consultant 

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