Silvio Delfino (co-founder) from Riviera Audio Laboratories has just reached out to present some details about this unique Italian high-end audio company, their product and unique Aural Optimized Hybrid Design. You can expect my hands experience report later in June…

Silvio Delfino writes: “Our product are 100% made in Italy with the absolutely best materials and craftmanship, Just an example, front and back panel are machined from 6.5 cm solid aluminum, but, more important, they represent the first evolution in the analog amplifier field since 40 years.”

The important point is on the electronic design and the evolution of a different approach to “quality” performance.

All Riviera amps are developed around 2 basic concepts:

- deep study of the human physiology and psycho acoustic.
- best performance in a dynamic working condition, with very complex signal connected with a real life loudspeaker.

To accomplish these parameter, we create what we call “Aural Optimized Hybrid Design”, probably the first amplifier ever that is specifically made for humans listening to music.

On more technical point of view, we can also say that this is the first commercial amplifier mixing: 1) hybrid topology (triode + BJT + Mosfet), 2) Pure Class A to nominal power in all stages, 3) Zero Feedback.

You can experience Riviera Audio Laboratories at the High-End Show in Munchen at Halle 1 Boot B03a and at their demo room at the Sheraton.