Victor Pheh breaks down the secret sauce of the Yamaha NS-5000 speakers potent performance…

1. all drivers uses proprietary ZYLON materials including 12" woofer to achieve fully optimised sound coherency between drivers
2. ZYLON is coated with monel - aerospace alloy containing nickel, copper and iron
3. all drivers voice coil are wound with square copper wire as opposed to conventional round copper wire
4. bass driver features a one-piece diaphragm (no centre dust cap with benefits in maintaining a higher level of structural integrity and better control of resonant peaks) 

5. Yamaha has developed a ‘Resonance  Suppression’ (RS) chamber -features two tubes of different length tuned to nullify resonance peaks created by the drivers’ back wave. While allowing improved driver performance, the RS system also negates the necessity to over-stuff the enclosure with damping, something that is widely recognised as being deleterious to the 
reproduction of micro-detail retrieval.
6. uniquely designed ‘Acoustic Absorber’ which has been shaped to reduce targeted standing waves and, again, lessening the need for over-stuffing the internal enclosure volume
7. white birch laminated plywood from the island of Hokkaido (the cold climate bears a tighter grain/harder birch) provided the best launching pad for the 
Zylon drivers
8. ‘Twisted Flare’ reflex port which is shaped to eliminate chuffing


'TRUE' piano black gloss (of which, as an actual piano manufacturer, Yamaha has the best possible knowledge and experience