Basis Audio is Alive and Well! Los Angeles Audio Show 2017. Report by Mono and Stereo senior contributing reviewer Ron Resnick.

Randy Cooley, purveyor of a highly customized and personal level of service from his Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica, California, was, as usual, master of ceremonies in this room.  Each year Randy uses a Basis Audio turntable and tonearm, Vandersteen speakers and Audio Research electronics, and each year Randy produces fantastic sound.  2017 was no exception!

This year marks Randy’s and Richard Vandersteen’s first demo room without A.J. Conti, respected and beloved founder of Basis Audio, who passed away last year.  At the back of the room Randy displayed a photo of A.J., in tribute to and in remembrance of A.J.’s decades of contribution to advancing the art of vinyl playback.  I think Randy was hoping that somehow A.J. was watching from above all of the audiophile visitors once again enjoying great music reproduced by Basis Audio’s latest products.

Here is the link to my tribute to A.J.: link.

I was delighted to see that Basis Audio is continuing A.J.’s legacy and manufacturing existing products as well as new products.  Randy was debuting the brand new Basis Audio turntable:  the Transcendence.

The Transcendence is a significant departure from A.J.’s. fundamental use of acrylic in his turntables.  Both the Inspiration and the Work of Art employed acrylic plinths and platters.  (For many years Michael Fremer has questioned A.J.’s extensive use of acrylic.)  So it is interesting that the last design on which A.J. was working is an all-steel turntable with, seemingly, no acrylic anywhere in sight.  This brand new turntable was fittied with the top-of-the-line Basis Audio Superarm tonearm.

Randy was demonstrating the Vandersteen Seven Mk. II driven by Vandersteen liquid-cooled M7-HPA monoblock amplifiers, with matching subwoofers.  The sound produced by this system was one of the very most natural and musical I heard anywhere at the show!

It is great to see that Basis Audio is not only surviving the passing of A.J., but is also releasing brand new, state-of-the-art, turntables.  A.J. would be proud.