Dayens writes: "Although first promotion and launch of our Grande Mikra which are latest addition to our best sounding series, Grande, happened in Q4 2016 (HiFiles Show in Belgrade) it's now that we share information (and photos) on them. Conceptually very different from conventional HighEnd and HiFi speakers they offer so natural, organic and live sound that it keeps us surprising every day."

We have accompanying motto for them: Unbelievably live!. Grande Mikra are made for modestly to mid-sized rooms and are great pair with Ampino separates (Monoblocks + Preamp).

Grande Mikra are exceptionally good. Woofer driver (literally and utilized as) is just 10cm diameter but with great punch and speed.

It was a long and hard job taming it with but we succeeded. We know that you are probably thinking about the bass amount with such small driver, after all who does not like bass? That is what is surprising people starting even from our small Tizo speakers.
Paired with proper components in adequate room Grande Mikra will put smile on listeners face every time!

For the sound they offer, we believe that their price is simply bargain.

We have received very uniform and extremely positive feedback on speakers till now, actually we already sold dozen and have few pairs on order just now.

To better profile, besides show visitors in Belgrade last year, our showroom visitors, friends and customers which own following models: Tizo, Tizo Plus, Tizo Mikra Plus, Grande Mini, Grande Piccolo, Grande Trio; they all have found Grande Mikra very intriguing. 

What is even more important for us is that these speakers are very close to way Dejan (my father, colleague and mentor) and I personally experience live natural (un-amplified) sound which we strive to reach with our products.

We believe that sound makes Grande Mikra's distinctive. Our focus was not on size of the sound (after all they are not intended to cover 50m² rooms) but on natural, naturally warm and emotionally involving sound with details and subtle nuances. We have tried to "squeeze" and showcase all the best we could from premium components we used.

Crossover was designed on that way so the small drivers could unleash their maximum potential. It took us almost two years to finalize this project but it was well worth it! In the price range of Grande Mikra's you will rarely find such premium parts as we have chosen.

For the best presentation of Grande Mikra we warmly recommend Ampino preamp and Monos, custom version, as they deserve them. It's the setup we use to promote them. We are sure that many music lovers will find this combination enchanting.

Last but not least, for those who like specifications here are some:

Type:     2 Way floorstander
Enclosure type:     Bass reflex (back port)
Impedance:     8 Ohm
Sensitivity:     84 dB
Frequency range: 50-20000 Hz
Recommended amplifer power:     25-150 Watt
Connection output:     Single wire
Dimensions (HxWxD):    1000x150x250 mm
Weight:     40kg (pair)
Recommended retail price: 4500€.