Ecobox writes: "By our work, we have followed the rule the simplest things are the best, so in these amplifiers you will not find very complicated electronic circuits, or digital filtering. No, they are simple, natural and close to the nature and the music. The Red haze mono blocks are designed and hand crafted from natural materials, as natural walnut, birch and oak material. The only metal elements in the amplifiers are the heat sinks, made from aluminium because of the high working temperature of the final stage transistors.

From the first watt, to the end you get a clear and natural music picture with open and very detailed stage, combined with wide bandwidth and smooth character. All instruments and voices are sounding natural and easy, so you can enjoy them for a long, long time.

Technical details:

Output power 90Wrms
Min. load impedance 4Ohm
Input sensitivity 1.2Vrms
Frequency response:
0-20kHz – flat< 0.05 dB
0-100kHz +/- 1dB
THD < 0.05%
Signal to noise ratio 96dB
Max power consumption 200W