A surprise package just arrived in the morning from the Italy. Massimiliano Magri has sent over his latest creation, the all new Grandinote Genesi Ultimate preamplifier. I don't know the specs, I don't know the price nor exact inner working. Max just wanted me experience it without any predeterminations. So be it. I love ultra high end audio sonic adventures, especially such exotic and bold one.

There is something very different about the way Grandinote unique Magnetosolid® circuits operates and it seems that Genesi explores and pushes further the Massimiliano vision into the upper echelon, where there are little or no constraints.

Genesi has only balanced inputs and one balanced output and as all Grandinote's product everything is straightforward and simple to use. Genesi comes with remote control, that covers basic functions that includes volume, mute and input selection. The same goes for the front panel, but with the addition of PRG and ON/OFF button.

Stealth black, understated design match seamlessly with my Lamm M1.2 Reference power amplifiers and from what few songs have shown the sonic synergy is also spot on.

And sound!? The very first reaction with few of the well know track was an exuberant "mamma mia" :). Genesi instantly cut throughout the layers of sound and on top of it managed to reveal a thing or two, that I was not really ready to for!

I'll let this latest creation from maestro Max to settle in before drawing any grand conclusion, yet Grandinote Genesi even from the start managed to exhibit impressive holographic and wallop presentation.

There is one catch, that is often tied with high-end audio preamplifiers no matter the price. Like with studio equaliser modus operandi, that fiddle around too many preamps regardless of the price stick somehow alter the phase domain. This result in the altered spatial presentation, where instruments are not only pushed forward, but they also loose their initial 3D positioning. Genesi shuns this (d)effect. Along with few initial, inspiring attributes the aural outcome points towards the higher realms. Yes, this seems to be no ordinary preamplifier.

Feels good to be excited! Stay tuned for more in due time...