Walker Audio writes: "If you're not familiar with the Velocitor, you were already missing out on the most effective power enhancer on the market to date. A combination of uncompromising components and cutting-edge experimental design had led us to an unassuming jatoba box that was capable of completely revolutionizing your system - "conditioning" power WITHOUT the use of chokes, transformers or filters. It's a study of addition by subtraction, so much so that we've foregone indicator lights, power/standby switches, and traditional surge/spike suppression. What it does possess, however, is an uncanny ability to draw you into your music and let you walk around for a while. It creates space, realism, immediacy, depth, vibrance - or rather, it reveals them - by creating an environment in which the power that drives your signal is focused and unencumbered. The reviews and customer response speak for themselves - by every measure, the Velocitor is a home run."

Medical tech in my AV system?* 

I've never really subscribed to the "If it ain't broke" philosophy... maybe because I can't imagine settling for "ain't broke". Since when is adequate (even excellent) functionality the standard? What if it could be BETTER?

For months I've been tinkering with, researching, and investigating a technology from the medical field that claims to have a beneficial effect of your health by cleaning the power in your home. Audiophiles noticed that the use of this technology resulted in dramatically better sound (and video, for that matter). It was a happy accident - a side-effect. We studied the science involved and designed a device that utilizes similar principles - but we calibrated it SPECIFICALLY for its efficacy as it pertains to audio and video. Then we put that same tech to work alongside our already phenomenally effective Velocitor tech. The result is a better power line enhancer than we would have imagined - The Velocitor Mark V. 

I'll spare you the manufacturer's review - suffice it to say that if you own an audio or video system, you need to own a Velocitor. The new Velocitor Mark V is available now.

*This isn't the first time we've used medical engineering in our products. We've been using the same silver wire used in cochlear implants as the arm wire for the Proscenium Black Diamond Turntable for years. That bit of trivia is on the house. :)