Aaron Haines (Plinius Production Manager) writes: "June 2017 marks the end of production for the much loved SA-Reference power amplifier as we see the very last of our premium model being hand assembled by our senior team. As the final evolution of the highly regarded SA-250, the SA-Reference achieved its purpose of becoming one of the finest power amplifiers in any class with numerous recommendations from reviewers and amongst the audiophile community.

The first release of the SA-Reference in September 2004 was set to be a limited run of only 100 units and each faceplate was individually engraved with the build number. The demand that followed was somewhat unexpected and eventually lead to the SA-Reference numbers quadrupling and the production spanning an impressive 13 years.

I personally have been involved in assembling Plinius amplifiers since early 2000, so this is a satisfying moment for me as we seal the last crate for dispatch 17 years on. I look forward now to a next generation of flagship amplification with the Reference Series RA-300 which begins a new chapter in the next few weeks."

It begins with the SA-250 MkI - 1993

SA-250 MkI in their final stages of production.

SA-250 MkII 'U-Chassis' design having the heatsinks assembiled to the unit. Released 1996.

SA-250 MkII final product testing, bias setting and calibration.

SA-250 MkIII Internal view with single transformer and large power supply capacitors.

SA-250 MkIII production in our Palmerston North facility.

Plinius SA-250 MkIV.Realeased 1999.

The MkIV saw a significant change to the 'H-Chassis' configuration.

MkIV power supply trays with the series/parallel transformer configuration.

Our Singapore showroom with the 1,000wpc Mono configuration driving into the ever impressive Dynaudio's.

The finished SA-Reference on soak test (burn in).

SA-Reference main PCB.

SA-Reference Power supplies and output sub-assemblies.

SA-Reference Side heastsink assembly being fitted.

SA-Reference front corner detail.

SA-Reference rear panel with the signature blue chassis which is now iconic for Plinius. What colour that will define the new Reference range?

Discribed as "one hell of an amplifier" by Paul Bolin from Stereophile, I could not agree more. The legacy of this remarkable amplifier wont be forgotten!