After only three days I've again immerse myself into the experience, that leaves more then just a lingering memory. 

I've finally managed to visit Sigma Acoustic factory and meet Aldo Zaninello and his family. Yes, small Italian, boutique family artisan business. Aldo work is well known in Italy and in Asia. He's being a speaker designer for more then three decades and if you've visited any of the Italian high-end audio at their peak, the is a grand chance you've listened to one of his creations. If not the iconic Leonardo Speakers ribbon planner unique speakers will instantly ring a bell...

Lately many of audiophiles, high-enders and music lovers are struggling to work around the exact meaning of the high-end audio. My yesterday's experience refreshed my core values agin.

The "Meat" impact was something very different and inspiring to experience. A full musical intake at 100dB in absence of classical horn design...

For his Maat project Aldo has developed custom made proprietary 8 ohm drivers. They're made up to his exact specification from carbon fibre and combined with few other materials and unique concepts. Implemented in the Sigma Acoustics Maat flagship speakers, these drives are helping in bringing sonic performance, that creates an aural experience, that perform far beyond the typical audiophile norms. 

For the first time I've was ready to forget the "advantages" of the full blown, grand horn system. Coming from the mouth of yours truly, this is more then just bold state :). 

Most importantly, Sigma Acoustics Maat speakers conveyed the music intimately close to its real core and with earth shaking dynamics, that affects more then just two of our beloved aural receptors. 

Sublime, extreme and "ear" spinning experience!

Yes, its hard to return from the heavenly realms to the to the earthly dealings :). Anyhow...

Stay tuned for more.