For 77 years, EMT designs, builds and markets a range of audio products for Broadcast professionals and for over 12 years also a collection of State of the Art audio products for the EMT equipment enjoys an excellent repu- tation for quality and

The history of EMT’s cartridges begun in 1950/51 when they were used in the professional EMT R 80 and 927 Broadcast record players.

1959 EMT started its own mono pick-up production. 1965 saw the launch of the famous EMT TSD 15. 2006 the first JSD cart, the “Silver”, was introduced All EMT carts are completely handmade. 

EMT-T-X-MC Cartridges

TSD- 15 - The Original Broadcast Tondose! MC-Stereo cart with EMT Studio- sec., diamond -tips either in SPH, SFL or GyS.

TMD 15/25 - True Mono cartridges, diamond stylus tip: TMD micro groove, 15 or 25 μm TND normal groove (78 rpm), 65 μm

XSD 15 - Stereo cart technically identical to TSD 15, but with International/EIA standard con- nection and 50 mm length


75 years Anniversary MC cartridge with 1⁄2-inch standard fastening. Stereo with diamond-tips either in SPH, SFL or GyS True Mono with 15, 25 or 65 μm tips.

JSD Silver, Gold, Platinum, S75 (lady in black) and VM

EMT‘s most authentic and musical Stereo Phono-Carts. With body made from and milled out of a massive block of special alu- minum, for the JSD Gold out of a massive block of high-grade, gold resp. platinum plated alloy for the Platinum version. Gold plated system components with ALNiCo magnets, normed 1⁄2-inch standard fastening for the use with every high-quality tone arm. Especially polished, bare and natural dia- mond stylus of the highest available quality. JSD 5; Gyger S Diamond on Boron

JSD 6; SFL Diamond on Boron
JSD P 6.0 and
JSD S75 and
JSD VM; Diamond on white Sapphire

All parts and works, including the Diamond shaping process this is both an art and a science - are entirely made in West Europe. 


One of two cylinder rods of different density material will be integrated into the JSD VM housing. They may be exchanged on the fly and thus ensure different weight and mass ratios. The variable cart mass (VM) of either 10 or 13 g allows a flexible, effective and optimal fine tuning to almost every tone arm.