Finale Audio writes: "For all the serious audiophiles who seek the finest large power tube amps. Pure Class A, and will drive most speakers with ease and deliver the best sonic quality above the crowd. Special attention is paid to the power supply and transformers, and are designed/engineered for pure Class A operations.

With six pieces of 6V6 tubes per channel, it has 12 of them total into one stereo chassis. Driven by a very powerful preamp section and combination of a pair of 12BH7 being driven by one 6922 in the front end. Autobias, Class A, results a rock solid 40 Watts engineered with the highest quality components and transformers. This is the best tube amplifier where power, refinement and durability/reliability combine into one. Its the only amplifier on the entire line up that is fully hand wired point to point, its a work of art just to look at to our craftsmanship."