Here is finally the official info about the all new addition to the Gold Note portfolio. Gold P-1000. And even better news... Its coming to Mono and Stereo very soon!

Designed for high demanding audio systems, P-1000 is the new complete High-End preamplifier for real music lovers, an innovative Class-A preamplifier born with a completely new proprietary Six Gain Stage design and Relays & Optical Encoder volume control.

P-1000 is powered by a Triple Linear Transformer power supply and features 10 independent analogue stereo inputs: 5 balanced XLR + 5 RCA.*

* digital input available on demand

The P-1000 belongs to the new era of Gold Note electronics, combining performance and technology to offer the best musical experience and ease of use. The new design allows to quickly select every function, like:

  • Mono/Stereo
  • Left/Right channel swap
  • Absolute phase Swap
  • Over-boost
  • Fine Balance tuning

With its large colour display showing every information, P-1000 becomes the ideal control point of your stereo system, improving even further the audio quality for true listening pleasure.

Audio input

Analogue: 5 stereo XLR balanced & 5 Stereo RCA unbalanced
Digital (optional): TOS or Coax or USB DSD and PCM 352.8KhzInput Level: 10Vrms on RCAInput Impedance: 100Ω

Audio output:

XLR balanced
RCA unbalanced
Output Level: 16Vrms on XLR & 8Vrms on RCA max
Output Impedance: <10Ω