Multiple emails came in after my teaser photos of the new Nagra flagship preamplifier, asking me to reveal more about it. 

Yes, new Nagra HD preamplifier is an intriguing product with more, then few unique approaches, that will tickle even most demeaning minds. It took more then two years of continuing work for a mighty team of Nagra's engineers to develop HD preamplifier. Creating such a product from scratch is no simple and affordable task. Summing up everything, that was connected with this project, this was an R & D quest, that easily come swith a hefty million + sticker. 

I cannot disclose more for now, but this ultimate preamplifier was designed from ground up as a cost no object.

Nagra HD preamplifier represent a new wave in brand's history, that combine rich heritage with the approach that would usually come from more exotic ultra high-end audio brands. If you consider, how this is a full blown Nagra product designed as an extreme high end product, but with a Nagra's engineer power, machinery, test equipment and refreshed out of the box apporach you quickly realise, that new Nagra HD preamplifier will be something very special when it hits the market later this year.  

I'll write more when first demo unit arrives and to say i'm excited would be understatement! You can take a look at first few exclusive photos of the prototype below...