Raidho Acoustics writes: "In 2009 a new era began as Dantax took over the entire ownership, including all material and immaterial rights of the fantastic Raidho loudspeaker project. This new venture was another significant milestone in the history of Dantax. Slowly Raidho developed from being a project to an established brand, that HiFi purists all over the world consider to be among the finest loudspeakers developed and produced today. A wide range of prizes and awards from reviewers, magazines and HiFi shows worldwide reinforces this point of view.

So, who is Dantax the owner of Raidho? Dantax is a well-established company founded in 1969 and in two years we can celebrate our 50 years anniversary, during that time Dantax has mainly been engaged in the design, development, production and sales of audio products. The founder of Dantax is still the main shareholder and active in the R&D department, where his team and him always strive to reach new goals. The inhouse knowledge has been buildup during the past 50 years, where Dantax among other was the owner of Scanspeak for a decade and Raidho for the past eight years.

Today Dantax is listed on the Copenhagen stock exchange, making it possible for everyone buying a part of their favorited speaker brand."